Elovate 15 FAQ

Elovate15 is a full 15 grams of glucose in one small serving. Our flat slim packet is easy to carry, unlike tubes, bottles, and sticks. Elovate 15 dissolves quickly, tastes great and doesn’t require chewing like other glucose products or foods.

The American Diabetes Association suggests 15 grams of glucose in their rules for low blood sugar, which include:

  • Eat 15-20 grams of glucose or simple carbs
  • Check your blood sugar level 15 minutes later
  • If hypoglycemia continues, repeat
  • Once blood glucose returns to normal, eat a small snack if your next planned meal or snack is more than an hour or two away

Yes, Elovate 15 is Gluten Free! We use ingredients and machines free of gluten in order to make Elovate 15.

Use Elovate 15 because we make it out of glucose. The body must change other foods into glucose. Elovate 15 starts out as glucose and therefore raises low blood sugar, fast.

Yes. You can mix Elovate 15 with water, or any liquid of your choice. Mix a packet of Elovate 15 into 2+ tablespoons of water and then drink.

Yes! We created Elovate 15 to meet the American Diabetes Association’s advice for both adults and kids. We suggest parents watch kids, so they don’t eat too much.

Pour a little of the Elovate powder into your mouth at a time, on or under your tongue, until gone. You can also mix the Elovate powder into 2 or more tablespoons of water for a tasty drink.

The American Diabetes Association marks 70 mg/dl as the threshold for low blood sugar. Make a specific plan with your doctor to know when it is time for low blood sugar rescue.

All in all, we are super proud to make Elovate 15 right here in the USA.

We created Elovate to help anyone raise really low blood sugar quickly without swinging high. Eat Elovate when blood sugar drops to help return to normal levels.

Some people may find it difficult to eat the entire packet all at once. You may find it easier to pour a small amount of Elovate into your mouth and allow it to dissolve. Repeat as many times as necessary to eat the entire packet.