About Us

Diasan is committed to delivering superior wellness products that provide value across generations. Wellness is not a trend!

Incorporated in 2013, Diasan has delivered products that have served over 3 million customers.

In 2022 Diasan expanded as Diasan Enterprises, LLC., with the goal of serving the T1D community and beyond, including sports and fitness customers.

Our premiere brand Elovate 15 provides a product line made of a fine powder, light and tasty to eat. Containing 15 grams of glucose and only 62 calories, Elovate 15 is ideal to increase blood sugar levels in up to 15 minutes after eating. The Slim profile of Elovate 15's "Slimpaks" make them ideal to carry in a backpack, purse, or pocket ready and waiting to raise blood sugar whenever you need it. To use Elovate 15 tear open packet and dispense a suitable amount of contents in mouth on/under the tongue. Alternatively, mix the powder with 2 or more tablespoons of water and drink. If monitoring blood sugar levels, check levels after 15 minutes. Click here to Shop now!